Amazing Luxury Life

Amazing Luxury Life

Over View Of the Luxurious House Luxurious Green Meera House

Guz Architects the well know Architect also designesd this Meera House. The Meera House is located on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore and amazes with its magnificence. Looking from above, the house is like a green oasis, because roof and terraces are covered with grass and some trees. Beautiful view of the water, the incredible staircase and swimming pool separated by glass walls are also impressed by their originality. Bravo to architects who created such a luxury green house.

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The newest addition to the Royal Caribbean Fleet and the World’s largest cruise ship. With 2,700 rooms spanning 16 decks, the Allure Of The Seas is like a miniature city, travelling from Fort Lauderdale to the Carribbean at a comfortable 22 knots. Oh and there’s a Starbucks on board…

Here are the Collection of images of World Biggest And Largest Cruise Ship, Allure Of The Seas.

Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Allure of the Seas; The Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship
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Strand Craft announced that it will launch an extravagant high performance streamlined 38 metre Open Amazing Super Yacht dubbed 122. The most amazing thing that comes with the this Super Yacht is a special handcrafted Supercar. The car is powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine capable to deliver 880 hp and has a top speed of 375 km/h or 233 mph. This means that you can go wherever you want with the new yacht and have also the supercar with you, which is housed in as a tender in the stern garage. The yacht, this has a total output of 14.000 horsepower and can brake speeds over 50 knots (92 km/h or 57 mph). And also, the manufacturer offers an Amazing Art Deco interior that can be greatly personalized, 52″ LED TVs and Bang Olufson sounds systems in all rooms.

Strand Craft 122 Yacht Amazing Strand Craft 122 Yacht With Super Car
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Everybody love Their Kids, So for them we always love to see them happy and by giving surprises in the shape of Decorating their bedrooms, you can make them happy. They will surely love them and you will be proud parents. I am going to show some pictures for you people, i am sure you will like them too.

Pink Kids Luxury Room Luxury Kids Bed Rooms

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Lazzara Breeze 76, A Dream Yacht that you surely will like. Luxury Yacht that surely will not waste your money if you have money you must go for it. It’s specifications include; 5 state rooms. Fuel capacity is 1,300 gal (4921 l), LSX 76 Tech Specs. Here are some photos of this Luxury Yacht.

Luxury Lazzara Breeze 76 Yacht Lazzara Breeze 76 Luxury Yacht

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Nissan continues to climb and sets the bar even higher with the Egoist. Ultimate version of the famous GT-R, it has been lovingly created to reflect the uniqueness of each of its owners by adopting the finest materials. The Price of this Luxury Nissan GT-R Egoist is EUR 177 000.

Nissan GT R Luxury Nissan GT R Egoist

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Here are pictures of Top 20 Luxurious Rooftop Pools In The World.

1. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. 57 floors up and 500 foot long pool.
Photo By: Williamcho
Amazing Rooftop Pools In The World Top 20 Luxurious Rooftop Pools

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A Luxury Watch with an 18kt pink gold case set with round brilliant-cut diamonds. It contains a black opaline dial with a guilloche soleil treatment and two twirls 18kt pink gold bracelets. The Price of this Luxury Amazing Watch is $29,900.00 available at Bulgari

Bulgari Serpenti Women Watch Bulgari Serpenti Women Forearm Watch

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It is Officially presented at Basel world 2011 will take place late March, a bit of a mechanism on the Projector Amazing HD3 Slide, Watch with a Touchscreen that can generate any what type of mechanism in its dial. Appreciate by Designer Watch Jorg Hysek for HD3 Complication , discover the very first details in images and video after release.

Slyde HD3 Complication
Slyde HD3 Complication Touchscreen HD3 Slyde Complication

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The Beautiful Italian demonstrate the sporting qualities in the snow. Ferrari has unveiled a new set of photographs of his most amazing FF photographed in the snow in Scandinavia. The New Ferrari will be equipped with a 6.3-liter V12 develops nearly 660 horses that will allow him to shoot from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds for a top speed of 335 km / h. From May 2011 to about 270,000 euros and certainly presented in Geneva along with a convertible version. The Photo Shoot taken of this New 2012 Ferrari FF In The Snow is really exceptional and i am going to show it to you.

New Ferrari FF
New Ferrari FF Most Amazing Ferrari FF In The Snow

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