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Amazing Luxury Life

Luxury Billiards Tables

Jul. 25, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Sports

These luxury billiards line has been designed by three-time world billiards champion Vincent Facquet himself. No wonder, the range has been described as an unparalleled pool wonder that shall have no match in detail and style for a very long time. This unbelievable collection contains three unique models: the platinum detailed Majeste, the etched platinum Royal, and the gilded Noblesse table. Each of the three models comes equipped with a large cue and ball drawer, triangle pocket and back-lit pockets.  The luxury in these tables can especially be seen in the ornamentation that decorates the outside of the corner pockets as well as in the inlaid diamonds on the table rails.

Majeste Luxury Billiards Table:

billiard luxury table Luxury Billiards Tables

luxury billiard table Luxury Billiards Tables

luxury sports table Luxury Billiards Tables

luxury table1 Luxury Billiards Tables

Royal Luxury Billiards Table:

royal billiard table Luxury Billiards Tables

Noblesse Luxury Billiards Table:

luxury sports Luxury Billiards Tables

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